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Streaming a Virtual Machine from S3

Wanted to demonstrate the streaming capabilities of LucidLink by directly streaming a VM from the cloud, to a local host. We begin by uploading a VM to our Lucid cloud instance, backended by a Amazon S3 bucket.

The VM comprises of 133GB and 64GB files residing in a S3 Frankfurt object storage bucket through our distributed file system. Our host is a Hyper-V physical server located in Hetzner datacenter 143KM. 1st we join the filespace, mounted at L: drive, we create a VM and attach the VHDXs located in the Lucid file space L: (S3 bucket) and turn on the VM.

Additionally once the VM has been streamed already. We have cached locally the important elements of data that are required to boot the VM, therefore we don't need to download those again, we can read them locally. 

So as an added benefit, you have a VM running locally which has its resources from an S3 bucket, acting and behaving as if it is local.

Voilà, VM streamed from the cloud:

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