usage: Lucid cache [options]

display cache information as well as control the cache


    [--info]                 display cache information

    [--on]                   turn the cache on

    [--off]                  turn the cache off

    --size size              size of the cache in MiB

Example: set Lucid cache 10GB

    Lucid cache --off


    Lucid cache --size 10000 --on 

Example: flush Lucid cache

    Lucid cache --info 

        Cache enabled: true
        Backend writes enabled: true
        Page Size: 257KiB
        Cache Size: 4.88GiB <-- current cache size setting

    Lucid cache --off

    Lucid cache --size 5000 --on

To relocate your cache to a different location. Please consult FAQ Link File space with specific Cache location